Adventure Weekend

The Adventure Weekend is a 2-day event full of craziness, adventurous activities, and fun-filled weekends. We organize a lot of events like Paintball, Lazer Tag, Meltdown, Bull Ride, Zorbing, Archery, Human Foosball, GO Karting, ATV Biking, and a lot more. 


But before diving deep into our events, here is a quick review of what the participants feel about our events. We're sure this will be a cherishing moment for you all!



Team up with your gang, load your guns will color pallets, wear protective gears and you're all set to capture the arena. Duck, Jump, Hide, Run do whatever it takes to win!



Zorbing a complete stress buster. Get inside the ball and hit as hard as you can. But remember to Every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! 


Are you a fan of Formula1 racing? Ever wanted to drive an F1 racecar? We are here to fulfill your dreams of driving a race car. 

We build great tracks where you can show your skills in drifting, burnout, or even you can compete in a timed trail with your friends!

Also, we do care about Bike enthusiasts so along with race cars we have ATV Bikes to give you an experience of quad-biking and four-wheel fun. Ready? Get set! and Go!!!



You must have watched Takeshi's Castle. Ever thought of participating in it? Well we've got an event exclusively from the sets of Takeshi's Castle and you're right it's Meltdown!  

Laser Tag

If paintball was not tempting enough for you, how about playing with lasers? This time insted of color pallets we have laser guns. Team up and try your luck in the laser tag setup. 

Bull Ride

How about a trip to Spain and enjoy the Bull Festival there? We know, that's quite risky, so we called the bulls here and asked them to give us some fun but with complete safety. Enjoy the ride!

Human Foosball

We got bored of playing Table Soccer and we thought why not bring table soccer in real world? And the result is right here in front of you. Come and join us and see if you can score against us.



Even after doing all these events you still want some thrill? Well we've got archery to test your aim and concentration. Pickup the bow, set an arrow and once you're ready release!

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